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“ The safest future…
Installing safety, Maintaining safety, Ensuring safety and Manage everything safely…”
We aim the safest environment to every one through a voluntary movement at the international level on Safety Management & Health Administration by educating and influencing society to adopt appropriate polices, practices and methods to install, maintain & manage safety to avoid human suffering and economic loss due to hazards.
Will sustain its position as a premier, non-profit, self-financing and tripartite apex body at the international level. Towards the above goal, FSF will continue to acquire professional excellence with focus on high quality training, curriculum and end to end awareness programs for the public. Fire and Safety Forum, a nonprofit organization registered under Societies Act, 1955 dedicated to promote education and training in HSE Management in all Industrial Sectors.
‘Safety first’, keep this message in mind to build the safest future; from this platform we developed the curriculum of safety education to integrate safety in all Industrial operations. A systematic approach and good presence of mind let the professional to excel in his/her work profile and the contribution of that professional will be the safest growth of an Industry. The corporate companies hence give more care and enhancement to human welfare and health safety aspects, from the experience of evaluating industrial systems, we developed the foundation of the safety education which can improve the work profile and attitude of Professionals like Engineers, Managers, Doctors..etc and deliver the professionals with at most efficiency in their discipline. On this highly demanded occasion for safety professionals we put forward our specialisation diplomas in 30 disciplines of HSE Management, and they are bringing up for these professionals who are working, or willing to working with any engineering or managerial sector viz; nuclear energy, construction, Textile Industry, Marine Systems, Power Plants, space research centres, medical field, defence army, ..etc. I assure that this safety courses and the related safety education will enhance a transition to everyone to the Professional Grade.
It is great pleasure to dedicate this safety management information website to the safety education disciplines. The scope and aim of Fire and Safety Forum acquired as per the quality concerns of ISO 9001-2008 in technical education is rectified in this information node. International operations are planned to set through health and safety franchise opportunities, and safety business services are delivered by our safety networking, which enable the corporate to stick on the international marketing association.

The quality control team monitors the safety training, safety topics as well as the materials and facilities delivered to the safety students as well as the corporate clients all over the world. The aspect is established with such environmental protection activities and the campaigning and seminars are conducted for the think green and go green world. Research and development wing resolves the existing safety concerns and helps the corporate to work for the safest future. The Environment is to be protected and the priority level to that should be set at higher levels for saving green earth and our ecosystem, keeping this concern in mind, EHS programs which are specifically designed for the industries in the manufacturing/ production area pertaining to standards of section 40-B in the factories act 1948. We appreciate our corporate clients for their efforts to make their industrial processes greener.

Education is rooted on firm principles and nurtured values and it should be under a proper systematic structure which can deliver professionals to the society whom can build up culture, science and technology for the nation and humanity. Safety is an integral part of all corporate activities in every specific industry; hence the importance of safety education has grown up in the human life day to day.

I applaud your consideration to grow with Fire and Safety Forum, one of the world’s young dynamic and technology updated safety institute with a solid foundation of training and educating people. We are highly regarded for our pragmatic approach to teaching; research and learning our professionals are sought by Corporate Giants Internationally. Introducing the didactic methods of teaching with high end technology integration our students can reach at the topmost position in their profile. Smart learning system which was integrated with our curriculum enhances the knowledge of students in the field of safety education by having interactive safety training, through which professionalism is upgraded.
Industry specified training curriculum enable the students to have transition to corporate safety professionals, so any one who pursed a diploma/ PG Diploma/ Advanced Diploma can directly undertake the responsibilities of a HSE manager. We ensure career enhanced education systems through which our students will reach their heights in life.
Our research and developments we dedicate to the safety education, and you will get continuing support from our experts on safety management.