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Industrial Review
We help the enterprises to monitor and review the circumstances in their industries, for accident reporting documentation, industrial surveys, and incentive packages for employees.


Incident Reporting Systems
Incident Investigations
Corrective Action
Accident Analysis
Investigation team
Industrial surveys will be conducted to solve technical problems in the industries with the help of R&D wing, also help to study the efficiency of production systems in the industrial areas.
Industrial motivational assistance is provided for corporate companies, safety awards, employee recognitions and incentives will motivate employees. Industrial awards will be delivered to corporate companies also, for that the complete track record of the corporate company will take into account


Industrial Hygiene
With an ever-growing market in both chemical and mechanical technology, the impact on out workforce is critical. New chemicals and new processes expose today’s workforce to more potentially harmful substances than ever imagined. These environments can be tested to insure that the employees are assured of a clean and safe workspace. Fire and Safety Forum analyses industrial areas and provide hygiene Surveys as well as air sampling, electromagnetic analyses to install 5S’ of Industrial Hygeine.
Green Safety officer
Fire and Safety Forum think green volunteers offer Green safety Officer Award in every time intervals. Any officers from the supervisory level to top management can apply for the Green safety officer program from any industries.