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Corporate Consultations
Fire and Safety Forum’s corporate consultations ensure the key to surviving changes to adapt and ensure that the energy and productivity levels remain high, whether the Clients are climbing the corporate ladder or facing any encounters to survive for the safest future. The focus will be the way health and safety is enforced in the workplace. Environment policies, employee relationships, Safety culture, as well as the productivity and the reputation of the companies have been taken to safe levels with crystal clear accuracy. Our team of consultants are effective communicators with strong technical knowledge and experience.
If you own or manage a business, you might want to start thinking about doing a safety audit. Our freelance Health & Safety Audits are designed for organisations that already have some Health & Safety management arrangements in place. These arrangements may include a health and safety policy, staff training procedures or accident reporting systems. The purpose of the audit is to identify gaps in current arrangements and highlight where the current arrangements are not effective or are poorly implemented. Additionally, advice and recommendations are provided to improve these shortcomings

An assessment of:
the company’s Health & Safety Policy
the roles and responsibilities for Health & Safety Management
the systems for planning and implementing the Health & Safety Policy objectives
how the company’s Health & safety performance is monitored and reviewed
A survey of the site to identify major hazards and effectiveness of control measures
A structured report is produced detailing the findings of the assessment and survey. Note is made of where good health & safety management practices are already in place or are planned, as well as the areas where improvements are recommended. The report can be presented to interested parties such as senior management, insurance providers and other stakeholders to demonstrate the organisation’s current state or level of improvement regarding health & safety management and performance

Risk Management
Integrating risk management and emergency preparedness into all facets of our business and at each of our sites is a key component of our Sustainability Framework


General Risk Assessment
Hazard Specific Risk Assessment
COSHH Risk Assessment
Manual Handling Risk Assessment
Noise Risk Assessment
Display Screen Equipment Risk
Asbestos Risk Assessment
Personal Protective Equipment Risk
Water Hygiene Risk Assessment
Measure the level of risk posed 
By the process, operations, processes and / or activities on which your enterprise depends, including information systems, suppliers, sites and business processes (setting risk levels)
Manage the risk
They pose down to the level that your top management or risk committee determine is acceptable (ie that reflects their risk tolerability, Statistics, Analysis)
Achieve compliance
with the full range of policies, standards and regulations that apply.
Health Safety Insurance Consultation
Fire and Safety Forum insurance solutions are delivered for corporate manufacturing as well as servicing industries. Every Business requires insurance protection tailored to meet their individual needs. The services of Fire and Safety Forum as a professional Insurance consultant are essential to lessen the risk levels in the economic status; we offer strategies in order to negotiate with insurers to obtain the right package at a competitive premium. FSF arrange insurances for businesses ranging from SME's to the larger companies involved in the manufacturing, warehousing, construction and professional service fields.
Services include
General/ Life Insurance
Depth fact find
Risk improvement and
Health and safety consultation
  Health and safety consultation
Health & Safety Management Systems
Our packaged solutions are designed for businesses that do not have an effective health & safety management system in place. The management system comprises:-
A health & safety policy including a policy statement, organisational responsibilities and risk .
  control arrangements. The management system is updated every six months to reflect changes in legislation and best practice
Templates of registers, inspection forms, training records etc. in electronic and hard copy
General health & safety risk assessments and fire risk assessments carried out by our
On- going free e-mail and telephone support through a specific consultant allocated to each
Annual reviews and updates of the general health & safety and fire risk assessments
  carried out by our consultants. Intermediate visits are programmed to meet the client’s specific needs
The timetable for implementation of a new health & safety management system will be determined by the size and nature of the client’s business. The normal sequence of events will be:-
Stage 1: Information gathering. – One of our consultants will visit the workplace to gather information to carry out a general health & safety and fire risk assessment and to produce a health & safety policy specific to the client with comprehensive procedures and record keeping folders.
Stage 2: Implementation. – The consultant will deliver the risk assessment reports and the policy and will provide training in the use of the management system and an overview of the significant findings of the risk assessments.
Stage 3: Updates. – The health & safety management system is updated six monthly to reflect changes in health & safety legislation or improvements in guidance or best practice.
Stage 4: Further Visits. – The risk assessments are reviewed annually by the consultant and new reports are issued to recognise improvements to the management arrangements or changes to the risk profile of the business. Additional visits may be provided when the consultant will carry out a workplace inspection and face to face advice can be given.
Stage 5: On- Going Support. Each client is allocated a consultant to act as the main point of contact to ensure continuity and to offer free telephone or e-mail support.
Corporate Obligations
Fire and Safety Forum assist the Enterprises to resolve their corporate obligations. The activities on disciplines like Human rights, Third world poverty, Labour welfare etc. will be undertaken by Forum, to improve the reputation of the Enterprises.


Human Rights Problem Analysing
Human Rights